Good Nurse Bad Nurse

Good Respiratory Therapist Bad Respiratory Therapist

July 30, 2019

This week Tina and Q are highlighting Respiratory Therapists! These amazing healthcare professionals are the A and B of the ABCs! Tina and Q will discuss how much nurses rely on them for their knowledge and expertise of the respiratory system. They will tell the story of a "bad respiratory therapist" who was accused of an unspeakable crime against his wife. Magdi Girgis and his wife were married in the 1980s in Egypt. They returned to the US to settle down and have their children, but their relationship soon spiraled out of control. Before it was all over, Magdi and even his two sons were under suspicion for the murder of their wife and mother, Ariet Girgis. They close out the show with a good respiratory therapist who has saved lives with CPR in the community on two separate occasions!

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