Good Nurse Bad Nurse

Good Child of Rage Bad Child Therapist

February 19, 2020

**Trigger Warning**This week's episode is very special. Tina is joined by Jehr, a student nurse who has had to overcome a lot in order to get where she is. Tina also opens up for the first time about her traumatic childhood. This portion of the show has been edited down in the interest of time. However, the full conversation is available on our website.

For the bad nurse story, they discuss the unbelievably tragic story of Beth Thomas. Beth was six years old when HBO did a documentary about the therapy she had to go through due to abuse she suffered the first few years of her life. Beth would grow up to become a nurse, however, there are several medical professionals in this horrific story who could be considered the "bad" one. 

This episode is sponsored by The University of Portland School of Nursing. If you're thinking about going back to school for your DNP or Master's Degree click the link below and check them out! 





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